3000W Electric leaf blower

Item Number : ABL3535

Suitable for blowing, vacuuming and mulching, with quick-change lever to switch between modes. Variable speed for greater control of the airflow and double wheel support assure extra comfort for working.

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Effortlessly clear your garden from leaves and other debris with this Challenge 3000W leaf blower and garden vac. This dual function garden vac can be used either in vacuum or blower function for added value. So whether you are blowing grass cuttings from your patio or vacuuming autumn leaves this can do either job brilliantly. The built-in wheels help you to easily steer it around your garden and take the weight off your shoulders for prolonged use. The supplied shoulder belt makes it easy for you to carry.


Rated power: 3000W
Motor Style: Brush motor
Drive style: Motor output Directly
No load speed: 9000~14000/min
Max Air Speed: 270km/h
Max Air volume:13.2m³/min
Munching Rate: 10:1
Cable standard length: 0.35m


Three functions — This is the perfect power garden product which combines 3 functions into one tool: blowing. vacuuming and mulching.

Multi-scenario Application — Ideal for blowing Leaves, grass clippings and other debris from courtyards, driveways, decks, car-parks and footpaths. Also great for getting Leaves of pebbles and river rock gardens.

Ideal for vacuuming piles of Leaves and grass clippings, holding them in the Large collection bag for a tidier finish.

The chopping feature works simultaneously with the vacuum function, turning Leaves into a fine mulch which is held in the collection bag.

With the shoulder strap and nose guide rollers, this machine is easy to operate and gets the yard clean in no time.
This item is intended for DIY use only.



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