Corded garden tools




  • 800W/1000W/1000W/1200W Electric Brush Cutter

    800W/1000W/1000W/1200W Electric Brush Cutter

    Item Number : AGTR1280S

    This 2-in-1 eco-friendly  800W/1000W/1200W brush cutter can be instantly converted into a grass trimmer or brush cutter. It can trim the grass, but it is also ideal to tackle tall weeds or cut through tougher vegetation.

  • 2200W High Pressure water cleaner

    2200W High Pressure water cleaner

    Item Number: HPW2722

    The powerful HPW2722 is a medium to heavy duty 2200W pressure washer with impressive cleaning power. With its high-pressure water jet, you can be sure that you’re removing even the most stubborn dirt and grime from your outdoor surfaces.

  • Multi-function 2-in-1 Oregon electric pole chainsaw and pole hedge trimmer

    Multi-function 2-in-1 Oregon electric pole chainsaw and pole hedge trimmer

    Item Number: AMT0121

    The AMT0121 electric pole hedge trimmer/pruner is a versatile 2-in-1 allrounder for the trimming of bushes, hedges and shrubs. For keeping the garden tidy or creating structures

  • 450W electrical pole hedge trimmer

    450W electrical pole hedge trimmer

    Item Number : APH0145

    The powerful 450W motor and multi-angle pivoting head allows for precise trimming of most tall bushes and hedges.

  • 1400W electric raker & scarifier

    1400W electric raker & scarifier

    Item Number: ABS0314

    LET YOUR LAWN BREATHE. Get a picture-perfect lawn with the 1400W Electric Scarifier and Lawn Dethatcher .

    Noticing dry, browning patches on your lawn; and watering just isn’t cutting it? You’ve probably got thatch build-up! Scarifying your lawn at regular intervals cuts grass roots and encourages growth for thicker, healthier turf. And regularly using a dethatcher helps cut down on dense masses of roots, stems, and grass clipping that build-up over time.

    While ordinary manual rakes are tiresome to use and not very effective, the electric dethatcher starts instantly with the push of a button and easily gets the job done without polluting the atmosphere with toxic carbon emissions.

  • 1000W electric lawn mower

    1000W electric lawn mower

    Item number : ALM0170

    The ALM0170 Eco-mower is a portable and lightweight lawn mower that makes it easy to transport around your garden and on your lawns. The efficient 1000W motor offers quiet running and low maintenance while a safety switch mechanism improves operator safety and avoids accidental start-ups.

  • 2000W Electric Lawn Mower

    2000W Electric Lawn Mower

    Item Number: ALM4516

    This model has a powerful 2000W motor with a wide 430mm cutting diameter. It comes with a large 45L half plastic and half fabric collection bag. If you are looking for an easy-to-use lawn mower that is planet-friendly and cost-effective at the same time, you will definitely like this corded push mower for your home. It is a lightweight mow machine that gives you a clean cut every time. This portable grass mower can conquer even the toughest mowing jobs with tall grasses and weeds.

  • 2500W Electric garden leaf shredder

    2500W Electric garden leaf shredder

    Item Number : ASD0524
    The wood chipper/shredder has a slim portable maneuverable design that makes transport easy across the yard. It delivers the same gas-like cutting power as a gas powered tool, but is planet-conscious and does not emit fumes into the environment. The versatile electric mulcher makes it easy for users to get rid of collected yard waste, and prepare their compost pit. Yard clean-up will be quick and easy with the use of this tool.

  • 2500W electric leaf shredder

    2500W electric leaf shredder

    Item number : ASD0925

    Whether you’re looking for a leaf shredder or one you can use to chip your unwanted wood, it’s always important to get a machine that’s simple to use.  This Dirty Pro Tools garden shredder is designed for pro gardeners and amateurs alike, with the capability to shred plant matter, twigs and branches up to 40mm thick.

  • 90W Electric chain sharpener

    90W Electric chain sharpener

    Item Number : ACSP01

    Quickly and easily sharpen saw chains with this versatile Electric Chain Saw Sharpener. The built-in chain vise adjusts to all chain designs and pitches to give you a precise, accurate angle of cut every time. Chain rotation rollers move the links forward while the vise stays in position to save you time. The convenient vise handle lets you adjust vise tension without removing your hand from the grinder.

  • 800W Electric Mini Rotavator tiller

    800W Electric Mini Rotavator tiller

    Item Number : ATL0380

    Foldable handle for easy transportation and compact storage. Dual-safety switch to prevent accidental start-up. Ideal for turning soil in preparation for planting.

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