2200W High Pressure water cleaner

Item Number: HPW2722

The powerful HPW2722 is a medium to heavy duty 2200W pressure washer with impressive cleaning power. With its high-pressure water jet, you can be sure that you’re removing even the most stubborn dirt and grime from your outdoor surfaces.

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About this item

This powerful electric pressure washer delivers up to 165BAR to power-clean facades, patios, vehicles and etc.
It has a 2200W motor that can deliver an impressive water flow up to 7.8L/Min.
The high pressure washer has an automatic start/stop system.This means that the motor only works when the gun is activated.The result is an easy-to-use cleaning system that at the same time will save a lot of energy and water.
The HPW2722 has a large integrated detergent tank for use with soap or detergent. It also has a convenient 10m hose and a 5m electric cable. This provides a high flexibility and freedom of movement.


Rated Power:2200W
Flow Rate:6.3L/MIN
Working pressure: 110bar
Max. Pressure:165Bar
Max. Flow: 7.8L/min
Carbon brush motor
Accessories: Guick Connect Spray Gun,10m Hose ,Aluminum Handle,5m Cable,Water Inlet Screw,Built-In Detergent Tank,Autostop Function,Self-Priming Function Available


Light weight: 11 kg weight for a secure stand but still easy to transport.

Wide working range: Thanks to the 10 m high pressure hose / integrated holder for nozzle attachments and high pressure hose.

Ideal for mobile use. Durable thanks to high-quality, reliable aluminium pump.

Cleaning agent tank and cleaning lance: For the use of detergents, e.g. when washing the car, a 0.56 litre cleaning agent tank is included. It can even be used warm water up to 50°C in the inlet. The 10 m high pressure hose as well as cleaning lance and nozzles can be attached to the pressure washer to the integrated brackets. So everything important is always ready and the pressure washer is equipped for the next use.

Unique design: thanks to the protection class IPX 5 (waterproof), the motor is not affected by water in its work. The holder for the cable and the gun is practical and space-saving. A pair of large wheels and a convenient handle make it easier to move pressure washers. The gear knob is simple and safe.

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