1000W electric lawn mower

Item number : ALM0170
The Lawn Mower is committed to innovating planet-conscious lawn mowers for your outdoor needs. 3200RPM powerful motor offering a high cutting efficiency, suitable for lawn trimming in small and medium-sized gardens.

Product Detail


*  Allows you to add more torque on demand for denser grass, and the ability to dial it back down to conserve energy
* 6-position single-lever height adjustments : Depending on the season, your grass type, or just your preference, you can easily switch mowing heights
*  For a closer cut alongside fences and other lawn obstacles, so you have less to trim later
* The Collection box it up for a clean looking lawn, and occasionally mulch it out for a healthier lawn
* Lightweight, compact design is ideal for maneuvering around small lawns.


Rated Power: 1000W
No Load Speed:3200RPM
Max. Cutting Leagth:300MM
Adjustable cutting height:25MM/40MM/55MM

The Advantage of ALM0170

* The electric lawn mower / portable lawn mower is widely use in garden , home , park and so on. The electric power is 1000W and the cutting width is 30cm. It is portable to mover and easy to use for light weight.
The manual 30cm lawn mower can be made as requirment, like customized color, brand and packing. It is more easy to purchase as your like.
* Space Saving & Easy Transportation Design; Still have trouble in storing and transporting such a big machine? The removable handle saving you more space if you fold the handle down. You can also use a single hand to carry the machine up, which help a lot in walking quicker especially when you working under a hot weather, makes your gardening experience easier
* 3 Adjustable Cutting Depth;3 depths of the most precise and frequent usage in grass cutting from 20mm-60mm heights. The 14-inch cordless lawn mower would perfectly adapt to your lawn by simply switching a button. And you would enjoy the gardening experience by smoothly walking through your lawn and seeing your garden in a clean condition
* The cutting-edge technology comes in the electric lawn mower, which provides you a smooth and powerful moving. If you still have trouble in taking care of loud noises, the brushless motor offers you a quiet operation.

Our Advantages

* High quality products with reasonable price.
* A professional manufacturer(CE & SEDEX certified).
* Strict quality control system.
* Ten people research & develop team.
* Professional sales tem.
* Experienced exporting for all over the world.
* One-Step solution service.

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