450W/550W Electric Grass Trimmer

Item Number: AGT3745
The String Trimmer allows you to keep your yard beautifully manicured without spending hours to complete the project. Features a telescoping handle and twist-n-edge flip out edge guide accommodating a variety of landscaping applications. Manufactured with a premium grade, lightweight construction .

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This electric grass trimmer is easy to operate and ideal for finishing the grass edges of your lawn. The grass trimmer has a cutting width of 28cm or 30 cm with different watt. This makes it also suitable for maintaining smaller lawns in urban gardens.
The head of the grass trimmer can be rotated 90°. As a result, it can also trim verticall, for example to trim the edge around a hedge. The support wheel on the trimmer head provides the necessary ease of use.
Both the angle of the trimmer head and the position of the additional handle are adjustable.  Its aluminium telescopic shaft is extendable from 98 to 126cm for comfort whilst working,and also could be ratated through 180° for easy cutting along vertical surface and lawn edges.

No need to reload the cutting line while working thanks to the automatic thread lengthening system. The nylon cutting line measures 3m (double threated) and has a diameter of 1.4mm. It is protected by a safety guard. Together with the auxiliary handle this assures a safely use of the trimmer.


Rated Power:450W/550W
No Load Speed :11000RPM
Cutting Dia. :280MM/300MM
Line diameter: Ø1.4mm x 6m/Ø1.6mm x 6m
Cutting system: Twin line automatic feed spool
Main handle with soft grip
Be adjusted angle auxiliary handle
Telescopic long tube with be rotated through 180° for easy cutting along vertical surfaces and lawn edges
The telescopic range from 106cm~126cm
Motor head can be adjusted to 5 settings
With Edge roller or steel support
Cable length:35cm


Design: Lightweight ergonomic design with soft grip rubber handles offers complete mobility and comfortable operation. 5-Position head adjustment convenient for edging slope areas.

Ease of Use: Telescopic long tube with be rotated through 180° for easy cutting along vertical surfaces and lawn edges.

The telescopic range:
from 106cm~126cm ( motor head rotated Max. angle);
from 98cm ~118cm (motor head rotated Minimum angle)

Suitability: Dual Line Auto Feed with Ø1.6mm x 6m nylon line. Dual line auto-feed for quick line advance without bumping. Adjusted angle auxiliary handle secure the adjustable handle in a suitable position for added operational comfort and balance.

Convenient Cord Lock prevent accidental cord disconnection as you work with cord retention system. de provides precise edging.

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