Multifunction Painting Pneumatic Tools Electric Spray Gun

Item Number : SPG20265
The Spary gun is a powerful indoor/outdoor Hand-held Assistant for decorating your garden, chairs, wooden toys, etc. Adding vivid colors to your courtyard and Give some color in winter.

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*650W Paint Sprayer – High speed motor allows to compatible w/ THINNED PAINT like oil-based enamel, acrylic and latex, ect.
* The paint sprayer use a high volume of air to push paint through the tip, along with a low-pressure air stream that produces a mist-like spray pattern. They work best at a 6-8″ spray distance and create a finer finish. Meanwhile, it prevents from wasting paint and overspray.
*Portable Electric Paint Gun – A handheld sprayer is ideal for tasks that require a bit more mobility since they don’t have extra hoses and is an easy-to-use tool for doing small to medium-sized painting jobs.
* Ergonomic design makes operation easier, ideal for ceilings, cabinets, fences, or exterior walls
* Detachable and Easy to Clean – The spray paint machine is import and effectively prevent clogging. An easy-to-go 800ML container can be took off easily.
* This lightweight, handheld paint sprayer is designed to apply a smooth, consistent finish so you don’t have to worry about ugly brush marks ruining your project.


Rated Power:650W

The Advantages of SPG20265

* With Electric Paint Sprayer, you can easily get job done quickly with the best even coverage.
* The paint sprayer has one viscosity cup that comes with the spray gun. It helps to identify if the painting material is enough thin, and avoid the case that the paint sprayer can’t spray the paint out. And the paint sprayer has an adjustable valve knob. You can adjust the air camp of valve knob to one of three positions for a vertical, horizontal or diagonal spray pattern.
The Electric paint sprayer gun can be widely used in all the painting projects that you want, very ideal for DIY, home painting, furniture painting, interior walls or any other exterior surfaces and fine finishing. With the paint sprayer, you can work on various surface areas of the furniture, cabinets, crafts, dressers and more. Besides, no more colors limited from the oil can of the paint sprayer. Choose one color and start your projects
*The Electric Paint Sprayer is easy to disassemble to thoroughly clean parts. Once your project is complete, you can disassemble the entire parts of sprayer with great ease. Then pick one cleaning brush for the thorough cleaning in order to achieve the best painting finish for next work. After the cleaning, resemble the parts of the paint sprayer and put it in safe and cool place for great storage and next use

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