1500W/2000W Variable Temperature Advanced Electric Hot Air Gun

The heat gun is a ideal tool for craft, stripping paint, soldering pipes, phone repairing, vinyl wrap, removing rusted bolts/paint layer/floor tiles, softening caulk around the sink, waxing/remove, bending and molding plastics as well as drying and thawing works.

Product Detail


* Strong Power With 2 Modes: The heat gun provides strong power quickly heat up to 550℃ in seconds. Two modes: I: 350℃, 300L/min; II: 550℃, 500L/min. The Hot Air Gun heating in seconds easily to help complete DIY household home improvement tasks, please pay attention to safety when using it.
* Ergonomic Design: With the ventilation slot, heat dissipation system can cool down motor during operation; Front protection tube could be disassembled for working in narrow places.
* 4 VERSATILE ACCESSORIES& Wide Application : Heat Air Gun come with 4 multi-purpose attachments,includes 2 nozzles,1 paint shovel,1paint shovel attachments.Attachments meet different application needs.Great for shrink wrapping,epoxy resin,shrink tubing,crafts,cell phone repairs,vinyl wrap,thawing pipes,paint removal,electronics repair.


Rated Power:1500W/2000W
Temperature:I:350°C, II:550°C
Air FLow: I:300L/MIN, II:500L/MIN

Hot air gun : The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Q: What are the advantages of hot air gun?
The advantages of HAG0815:
*  Fast heating: Fast Heating in 1.5 seconds. Heat collecting ring design provides efficient heat collection, steady output and maintain temperature you need.
* Hands-Free Design: This heat gun is designed for convenient projects works and our hot air gun is ergonomically designed with a multi-grip handle and optimal weight distribution, easy and lightweight to hold.
*  Powerful System : Powerful motor prolongs service life and made from experienced product research team.
*Overheating Protection: Cooling protection in minutes after shutdown for next time better use.
* Variable nozzles for different occasions and Ideal for your project

Q: What is hot air gun use for ?
* For Car Wrapping: It’s an practical garage tool that every mechanic should have in their tool box. It will give you the chance for car wrapping and create a new look for your car.
* For Paint Removal: You can use concentrator nozzle for heat concentration and putty knife to remove chemical paint together, which makes your work more easy and conveniently.
* For Removing Rusted Bolts : Heat the nut with a heat gun if it won’t come off. Apply heat for about minutes, then allow the nut to cool.                                                                                                                                                             * For Frozen Tube/Ice Pipe: Using the heat gun you can heat a frozen tube or ice pipe in winter. Not only handy but also dramatically speeds up the job.

1. Different configuration to match with different clients’ requirements

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