Garden tools

  • 3 in 1 function electric weed burner

    3 in 1 function electric weed burner

    Item Number: AWB0920
    Electric Weed Burner is that it need to a few minutes to damage the weeds.The principle of weed burner is to use high temperature for weeding, showing that there is no open flame, but high temperature hot air.If the weeds are not completely burned, they will dry out in a few days.
    This grass burner is mainly for the grass in the cracks, in the wall or in the floor , and it can not eliminate the grass in a large area,please pay attention.
    If you want to clean weeds effectively, but want to keep your garden alive and protect the health of you and your family, then our weed burner is the best choice!

  • 2000W Electric weed burner

    2000W Electric weed burner

    Item Number: AWB0120
    This machine is suitable for various use such as garden, courtyard, driveway and other scenes,etc. The body is light and easy to use.

  • 710W Electric Hedge Trimmer

    710W Electric Hedge Trimmer

    Item Number: AHT1771

  • 620W Electric Hedge Trimmer

    620W Electric Hedge Trimmer

    Item Number : AHT1980
    Electric Hedge Trimmer is lightweight, compact, and comfortable to maneuver. The dual-action blade helps reduce vibration, while the built-in cord retainer prevents accidental unplugging.

  • 450W Electric Hedge Trimmer

    450W Electric Hedge Trimmer

    Item Number : AHT0145