Garden tools

  • 2500W electric leaf shredder

    2500W electric leaf shredder

    Item number : ASD0925

    Whether you’re looking for a leaf shredder or one you can use to chip your unwanted wood, it’s always important to get a machine that’s simple to use.  This Dirty Pro Tools garden shredder is designed for pro gardeners and amateurs alike, with the capability to shred plant matter, twigs and branches up to 40mm thick.

  • 90W Electric chain sharpener

    90W Electric chain sharpener

    Item Number : ACSP01

    Quickly and easily sharpen saw chains with this versatile Electric Chain Saw Sharpener. The built-in chain vise adjusts to all chain designs and pitches to give you a precise, accurate angle of cut every time. Chain rotation rollers move the links forward while the vise stays in position to save you time. The convenient vise handle lets you adjust vise tension without removing your hand from the grinder.

  • 800W Electric Mini Rotavator tiller

    800W Electric Mini Rotavator tiller

    Item Number : ATL0380

    Foldable handle for easy transportation and compact storage. Dual-safety switch to prevent accidental start-up. Ideal for turning soil in preparation for planting.

  • 1500W Electric cultivator tiller

    1500W Electric cultivator tiller

    Item Number : ATL1315

    Powerful 1500W Electric Tiller is great for digging holes, levelling ground, clearing weeds, working in fertiliser and preparing furrows for sowing.

  • 1600W Electric Snow Thrower

    1600W Electric Snow Thrower

    Item Number: AST0316

    Make quick work out of the heavy white stuff nature throws your way with our most powerful electric snow thrower.

    Boasting 1600W motor, this snow-throwing dynamo can move up kilograms of snow per minute! Its durable, blade rotor, constructed of heavy-grade material, cuts a full 400mm wide by 180mm deep swath of snow with each pass.

  • 450W Electric Hedge Trimmer

    450W Electric Hedge Trimmer

    Item Number : AHT0145

    This hedge trimmer is the appropriate choice for every handyman, looking for a faster and effortless trimming of hedges or shrubs. The effective cutting length reaches to 450mm and it can cut branches up to 16mm in diameter. For safety it includes a transparent hand guard and blade protector.

  • 450W/550W Electric Grass Trimmer

    450W/550W Electric Grass Trimmer

    Item Number: AGT3745
    The String Trimmer allows you to keep your yard beautifully manicured without spending hours to complete the project. Features a telescoping handle and twist-n-edge flip out edge guide accommodating a variety of landscaping applications. Manufactured with a premium grade, lightweight construction .

  • High Pressure water cleaner

    High Pressure water cleaner

    Item Number: HPW3118

    Compact, easy to handle, ideal for any outdoor cleaning need, HPW3118 presents itself in all its versatility, ensuring high performance, reliability and ease of use. The hose reel and the smart accessory storage facility on the back allow to store the machine tidy after use.

  • High Pressure water cleaner

    High Pressure water cleaner

    Item Number: HPW0915

    With 1400W/1500W/1650W of power, this power cleaner allows you to clean everything from cars, bikes, bins, patios and walls, fences, barbecues and garden furniture. It’s lightweight and easy to store in a cupboard or on a shelf in the shed.

  • 250W Electric Grass Trimmer

    250W Electric Grass Trimmer

    Item Number: AGT0925

    250W Grass Trimmer With 250w powerful motor provide continuous motivation.Low noise level does not create discomfort during work both for the user and for the surrounding people.Brake disassembly structure provides convenience of transportation and storage.220mm cut path with 1.2mm line diameter 6m nylon rope.Dual line auto-feed let work is more efficient.Perfect grass trimmer performance is ideal for trimming and edging small to medium-sized lawns.

  • Manual Lawn Mower

    Manual Lawn Mower

    Item Number: MLM0330

    The lawn hand mower is designed to keep lawns looking great with its 5 blade cutting action and has a 4 step adjustable cutting height ranging from 17-43mm. The cutting width is 300/350/400mm and includes a collapsible grass catcher for a clean finish. The hand mower is easy to assemble and comes in a sturdy steel chassis and frame.

  • 3000W Electric leaf blower

    3000W Electric leaf blower

    Item Number: ABL0130
    This leaf blower/vacuum with 3000W of power is able to blow away leaves, as well as to vacuum and shred garden debris.You can easily shift between the suction and blowing mode thanks to the selector switch. The shredder gives 10:1 volume reduction.