Gasoline Brush cutter

Item Number : GBC5552
This gasoline brush cutter is a powerful straight shaft trimmer designed to take on even the most overgrown yards. The straight shaft makes trimming under bushes and hard-to-reach places easy and fast. This dynamic weed and grass trimming machine features Quick Start technology for easy to pull starting, getting you up and running instantly. The 52cc 2-cycle engine puts all the power you need comfortably in your hands, while the lightweight design and the cutting swath help you get the job done quicker. The adjustable handle provides added comfort, ergonomic comfort and control for right or left-handed use. Light weight, handheld, and powerful, this brush cutter is battle tested and battle ready for even the toughest of tasks. It is lightweight, powerful, and easy-to-use. The Straight Shaft trimmer offers optimal comfort while cutting, and a direct view of the cutting line while operating.


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The brush cutter (also called a trimmer or grass cutter) is a powered garden or agricultural tool used to trim weeds, small trees, and other foliage not accessible by a lawn mower or rotary mower. Various blades or trimmer heads can be attached to the machine for specific applications.

•A powerful brush cutter with an impressive 52CC/1.65kW petrol engine to get done precision garden jobs.
•It trims lawn edges in your garden, but also deals with high weed growth or overgrown grass. Thanks to the vibration reduction and bike handle you will work in a comfortable way. Easy-start primer system and automatic thread lengthening always get you started quickly.
•The 2.4m double threaded spool provides a cutting width of respectively 440mm and 255mm for the grass trimmer and brush cutter. The large fuel tank can contain up to 1.2L. With this large capacity, you are not interrupted while gardening and get a clear view on a neat garden again.


Power Output:1.65KW/6500-7000RPM
Fuel Tank Capacity:1200ML
Engine Model:IE40F-5
Engine Type:Air-Cooling,Two-Stroke,Single Cylinder


•Powerful – with 52 cm³ displacement and 1.65 W powerful motor.
•A powerful helper that gets under control of dense growth in hard-to-reach garden areas. The power provides a high-quality, low-vibration two-stroke motor that operates quietly and reliably.
•For professional mowing, the brush cutter can be equipped with a 3-tooth knife or a double thread spool with automatic tip, which are included.
•Comfortable – All controls of the brush cutter are easily accessible on the universally adjustable aluminum two-handle in bike handle design, so that the brush cutter can be guided very comfortably and precisely.
•Smooth running – with anti-vibration system for fatigue-free work.
•Versatile – for cutting hard to reach grass edges around beds, trees and walkways.
•Safe – the brush cutter has an emergency stop switch on the handle, it immediately switches off the motor and ensures maximum safety. The gauge and thread cutter have a mudguard that keeps dust and dirt.

The advantage of gasoline brush cutter

* This machine is a Perfect Weed Trimmer for Yard Can Help You Finish the Yard Work Much More Quickly.
* Gas Weed Eater Powered with ergonomic U-shaped handle start design, more coordinated and scientific operationsimple and increase working efficiency;
* The Gas string trimme external manual oil pump supply sufficient fuel faster by squeezing, pinching, quick start, with good tensile strength, impact resistance and wear resistance;
* Gas Weed Eater Powered with the super shock absorption design, adds the comfort of use, and reduces the health injury and fatigue caused by vibration.
* 2-cycle grass cutter, trimmer engine runs on unleaded gas, requiring no mixing of engine oil and gasoline.So you don’t need to mix gasoline with engine oil ,more convenient.
* Wide Safety Guard : The wide safety guard is designed to help protect operator by deflecting debris produced during the trimming operation.Do not operate unit without shield.

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