185mm electric circular saw wood cutting circular saw electric power tools

Item Number: CSA08120
This circular Saw is powered by 1200W/1400W/1600W motor with 6,500 RPM, and has a large cutting capacity to handle beams, timber, and large pressure treated lumber. It will cut 6x material at 90 degrees and 4x material at 45 degrees in a single pass.The features a shaft lock for quick blade changes, a large depth control lever for secure adjustments, and an oversized trigger handle for added convenience. Other features include lower noise , and a blade stabilizer for consistent blade rotation. Includes a carbide tipped blade.

Product Detail


* Large cutting capacity for beams and timber
* Cuts 6x material at 90° and 4x material at 45° in a single pass
* Powerful motor delivers enough power to cut through pressure treated lumber
* Low noise level for quiet operation
* Blade stabilizer for stable blade rotation and superior cutting performance
* Large support handle for increased operator comfort and control


No Load Speed:6500RPM
Blade Dia:185MM

The Advantages of CSA08120

* This Circular Saw with Electric Brake features highly durable magnesium components and a powerful motor, powerful enough to cut through the densest lumber. This saw balances weight, power, durability, and ease of use with a 3-inch maximum cutting capacity, making it perfect for framers, roofers, as well as general contractors who require a best-in-class engineered circular saw.
* Powerful motor delivers enough power to cut through the densest lumber.
* Efficiency – Quick change from 0° to 45° and back using positive stops
* The powerful motor that delivers 6,500 RPM, combined with well-balanced magnesium components for a lighter weight saw that delivers true power the professional user demands.
* Ergonomic and Ease-of-Use: This saw is light weight that is well-balanced and jobsite tough. Additional design details include greater clearance between the rear handle and the blade case to provide a better grip for larger hands or for users with gloves, as well as a wider space between the blade and housing for a clearer view of the blade and measurement scale.
*Engineered for a Range of Applications
The Circular Saw is built for framing walls, floors and roofs using a range of dimensional lumber and dense engineered lumber, including LVL, Parallam and I-Joists, headers and microlams; as well as ripping panels such as plywood, OSB, particle board, and dense structural panels like Advantech. Other applications include plunge cutting, pocket cutting, bevel cutting, masonry and metal cutting.

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