Gasoline sprayer

Item Number: MB53WF-3
It is suitable for large-scale operation, such as cotton,wheat/rice/fruit trees/tea trees and other agricultural and forestry crops. It can also be used for chemical weeding,urban and rural sanitation and epidemic prevention,spraying of granular chemical fertilizers, granular pesticides ect., in mountainous areas, hilly areas and scattered plots also very suitable.


Product Detail


* Upgraded design and light weight : The main parts adopt all-plastic structure, the whole machine is light in weight and corrosion resistant.
* Unique structure and long life
* Work efficiency and high temperature resistance: engine with recoil starter, easy operation and high efficiency; strong protective high temperature part, high temperature in summer does not stall.
* Fuel technology efficient :  cost saving, sufficient fuel oil, higher efficiency, and good adaptability in mountainous and hilly areas and scattered plots.
* Strong stability: The lower part is large in size and the center of gravity of the whole machine is low.
* Rotating structure : The joint of the large hose and the fan housing adopts rotating structure, which is easy to operate.


Fuel Tank Volume :1.9L
Oil Volume:0.65L
Tilling Width:590MM
Engine Type: 4 stroke

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