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Item Number: AWPT0725
Designed for clean water although this pump will accept small particles up to 5mm. Automatic low water cut-out. Suitable for the effective drainage of cellars, sinks, cisterns, baths and the general transfer of water.

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There are a wide power range for your selection from 250W to 900W, this Submersible Water Pump can quickly and efficitently drain pools, ponds and flooded basement. Equipped with auto float switch, control the pump on and off automatically. Low consumption electric motor with overload protection ensure safe operation.


Rated Power:250W/400W/550W/750W/900W
Max. Flow:5500L/7300L/11500L/13000L/15000L/H
Max. Height:6/7.5/8.5/9.5/10M
Max. Depth:7M
Max.grain size: 5mm
Applicable For:Clean Water Pump


POWERFUL AND ECONOMIC SUMP PUMP : 250W to 900W Electric Submersible Clean Water Pump, Diameter: 1″,1-1/2″, 1-1/4″, Flow Rate up to  15000L/H , Hmax: 10M. A good helper for gardens and lawns. Suitable for ponds, swimming pools, sprinkler systems, irrigation systems, gardening, rain buckets, flooded basement, large aquariums

AUTO FLOAT SWITCH: The pump comes with a sensitive automatic float switch, Start/stop automatically. Float Switch Holder allows you to disable the function of float switch. Once float switch is on the slot, pump becomes manually controlled by plug. Built-in overheat protection ensures that the pump will not be burned out.

HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: Thermoplastic composite material is highly rugged. Designed and manufactured in line with the valid safety requirements. Thermoplastic body resists corrosion as there are not exposed metal parts. Lower noise and energy-efficient. Oil free motor requires no maintenance.

SAFE AND DURABLE: Full corrosion-resistant and reinforced thermoplastic construction with thermal overload protection for continuous duty use in draining application. The large and open intake impeller is easy to clean out when the clogging of the pump base occurs by debris. Suitable for home and garden.

MULTI OUTLET SIZE: The pump adopts the quick pipe connector to improve tightness of water outlet. Compatible with 1-1/4″ and 1-1/2″ hoses,fits any standard garden hose. According to actual usage,three fittings with different diameters for outflow(1″,1.25″,1.5″ ) to choose from according to the flow rate.

CORROSION-RESISTANT PUMP BODY: Ergonomic design handle is easy and comfort to hold. For durable & problem-free use, the motor housing is made of corrosion-resistant material, thermoplastic body protect the metal parts from corrosion; Thermal overload protection make sure the pump operates within spec for longer durability.


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