Electric pump

Item Number: AWPG0560

Ideal watering for every garden and lawn.

NOTICE The unit is not designed for applications involving salt water or brine. Use with CLEAN WATER ONLY.

Product Detail

About this item

Portable hand held & light weight with safe and waterproof on/off switch and easy carry handle for convenience and portability. Lightweight and a continuous duty high flow rate of 3800L per hour with oil-free design which brings more convenience to your watering

The device is suitable for pumping clean water and domestic applications, such as supplying water from well, pool etc, the automatic distribution of water by surge tanks and pressure switch, gardening, and increasing of water pressure.

This device is a non-self-primming pump. When the device is first used, the pump head must be filled with water to exhaust air.


Rated Power:600W/800W/1000W/1200W
Max. Flow:3000/3200/3500/3800L/H
Max. Height:35/40/44/48M
Max. Depth:7M
Dia.of pipe: 1″
Length of cable: 1.2m
Max. liquid temperature: 35℃
Protection IPX4


Strong and Reliable Performance — The shallow well pump has a Max. Flow Rate of 3800L per hour, Max. Lift Head up to 48M and Max suction depth 7M. Rated power from 600W to 1200W for your selection.

Convenient and Quiet — Lawn Fountain Pump with easy-to-carry handle for portability; Lower noise and emergy-efficient motor with thermal overload protection.

Wide Application — The sprinkler garden jet pump is compatible with a tank and can work as a sprinkler pump, a well pump with a pressure regulator or a booster pump, which can be widely applied in garden, lawn and farm.

Wear Resisting Seal Material with Thermal Protection — Wear Resistant Seal Structure can bring better and long lasting work to the pump, overheat protection ensures that the pump will not be burned out.

Operation Warnning — Do not run the transfer lawn pump before priming it, since the seal and impeller could be permanently damaged. Remove the plug from the street tee and pour clean water into the unit until casing and suction line are completely filled.

Some Perfect Applications

Draining Water for Irrigating: Drain water from backyard ponds to Irrigate garden or farm. No need extra water source. Save your water!

Booster Water Pressure: Transfer water from rain barrel or water tank to do housework. Such as cleaning your floor surface, or filling water to set a Inflatable pool.

Pumping Water from well: The booster pump has a max suction depth of 26ft. So it is also suitable for some shallow wells.

Connect with A Tap: Simply connect the pump to a tap head. The jet pump will increase the water pressure as well. You must turn off the pump when the tap is closed.

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