Electric pump

Item Number: AWPD0540

Design with plastic and stainless steel.

Ideal for domestic use and in particular for distributing water and for the irrigation of gardens, and also suitable for industrial applications. It could quickly and efficiently drain pools,ponds and flooded basement. Multi hose fitting can satisfy most needs. Float switch control the pump on and off automatically. Easy and convenient to use.

Product Detail


*The body of the water pump is made of stainless steel, which improves the quality of the water pump and makes the water pump less likely to be damaged.

*Quickly and efficiently drain pools, ponds and flooded basement. Float switch control the pump on and off automatically.

*Angle adapter for garden hose connection with 25 mm (1″), 32 mm (1¼”) and 38 mm (1½”)

*Suitable for clear and dirty water with a suspended matter size of up to Ø 35 mm

*Incl. 10 m waterproof mains cable

* The device is not suitable for continuous operation (e.g.as recirculation pump for ponds).This type of use will substantially shorten the pump’s life expectancy.


Rated Power:400W/550W/750W/900W/1100W
Max. Flow:7500/10500/12500/14000/15000L/H
Max. Height:5/7/8/8.5/9M
Max. Depth:7M
Max.grain size: 35mm
Applicable For:Dirty Water Pump

Liguid temperature up to 35℃

Protection IP X8

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