Cordless shrub & edging shear

Item Number: D03SE02
This cordless shrub & edging shear is a versatile gardening tool that anyone can use. It has a lightweight design that requires less effort to use. This cordless garden clipper only weighs a little over a pound which makes it easy to handle. There are (2) blade attachments to choose from. You don’t need special tools to attach or detach the included blades. It is the perfect tool for finishing touches in your garden to achieve that perfect edge. If you want to beautify or maintain your ornamental garden and flower bed, this battery-powered hedge trimmer can do the job just the way you want it.

Product Detail


* Lightweight design : The lightweight design of this cordless shrub&edging shear makes it comfortable and easy to use. It is ideal for all professional and recreational gardeners. This battery-operated garden hedger only weighs a little over a pound. Even though this garden shear is small, it has enough power to cut shrubs, bushes, and grasses.

* No tools needed for attachment change: There are 2 blades included with this cordless garden trimmer right out of the box. It is easy to change from one blade to the other since it can easily be done by hand without the use of tools. Changing the blade is very simple and effortless that you can change the blade in just a few seconds.

* Comfortable padded grip : When using a cordless grass shear, you want a non-slippery and comfortable grip. The padded handle of this battery-powered hedge trimmer makes it easy and comfortable to hold for a long time. This cordless bush trimmer allows a natural hand position to comfortably turn the tool on or off.

* Cordless Electric 3.6V rechargeable lithium-ion battery
The cordless shrub&edging shear is a rechargeable 3.6V, 1500mAH lithium-ion battery. It gives you enough power to cut through grass edges, shrubs, and bushes. It also has a plug-in charger included in the package.


No Load Speed:1000rpm
Cutting Width Of Shear Blade:80mm
Cutting Length Of Trimmer Blade:120mm

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