Cordless leaf blower

Item Number : 182BL1
This cordless leaf blowers are battery-powered, preventing them from releasing smelly, toxic emissions like gas-powered leaf blowers do. Additionally, they offer greater freedom of movement compared to corded models. They’re also smaller and more lightweight than both of the other types, making them easier to handle.

Product Detail


* Powerful Cordless Leaf Blower: Upgraded Leaf Blower uses advanced turbo techs and all-copper motors provide up to 13000 r/min strong power. Large blowing speed, and 0-9m³/min air volume. It is enough to efficiently clear away dry or wet leaves and garden debris on the driveway and lawn with its ample power, it’ll be a cinch to blow leaves and debris around your home.
* This lightweight yet powerful leaf blower cordless contains a 21V 4000mAh battery pack to offer an impressive 1-3 hours of leaf-blowing power in low-speed mode, or up to 15-25 minutes in high-speed. The battery features superior technology, longer life, and lower energy consumption. Electric leaf blower also with the display power function, you can check the battery level at any time for timely charging.
* Ergonomic Design-One Hand Operation: This handheld leaf blower evenly distributes weight from the handle to the nozzle making the blowing forces easier to control by preventing the arm from being pulled downward, reducing operator fatigue for greater comfort and balance. Detachable telescopic pipe, which is more convenient to blow without bending down. The super lightweight allows you to lift the air blower easily with one hand, making your work easier.
* Electric leaf blower is lighter and easier to carry and start than most gas leaf blowers, and it doesn’t create engine fumes or vibrate much during operation. No gas, no cord, insert the nozzle and then insert the battery, you can start. No more tripping over cords continuously gets in the way making it difficult to do your work. Electric and battery-powered leaf blower voices range from 65 to 78 decibels, quieter than gasoline-powered counterparts.
*Take Care of Your Leaf Blower: Place leaf blower in a cool and ventilated place, avoid direct sunlight, after the first full charge, discharge first, after full charge, please take out the battery and disconnect the power supply in time. Please leave the battery fully charged while not using it. After every use, carefully clean each part of the leaf blower to ensure it’s completely free from excess junk.


No Load Speed:13000RPM
Max Wind Length:200Km/H

The Advantage of 182BL1

* Leaf blowing : The electric leaf blower can be used to blow the leaves around the house lawn or car. It can be the go-to tool for cleaning off the roof of your house too.  This machine is lightweight, you can easily handle it with one hand.
* Snow Blowing : During winter, the cordless leaf blower can help sweep the slight snow on the car or on the floor.
* Pet Hair Blowing :  Cordless electric leaf blower can sweep the dirt or ash on the car seat, or clean the pet hair on the sofa.
* Charcoal Blowing : The electric leaf blower can blow charcoal, it can help you light a fire in time when you are grilling, and the wind power can adjust the gear by yourself. You can control whether the fire is a little higher or lower.
*  The battery can be applied not just for this weed eater but all 20V garden tools 182seriers .

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