Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Item Number: 182HT1
This Cordless Hedge Trimmer with Dual-Action Blades with Blade Gap Trimming Tall or Wide Plant for Your Garen or Courtyard . Dual-Action Blades Hedge Trimmer Provides More Efficiently Cutting, Shape Shaping.

Product Detail


* The high-power output motor for cordless hedge pruning is designed for cutting lengths up to 450mm, and the powerful 20V battery pack for cordless hedge trimmer provides power.
* Electric hedge trimmers use hardened steel blades and working at speeds of up to 1,400rpm, the electric trimmer can handle even the hardest-to-handle bushes without you worrying about blade damage.
* The double safety lock design and auxiliary handle are more ergonomic, ensuring safety when using cordless hedge trimming
* Lightweight& Easy to Use: The double safety lock design and auxiliary handle are more ergonomic, ensuring safety when using cordless hedge trimming
* Long Life Removable Power Battery: Hedge Trimmers comes with a 20V rechargeable battery pack (w/ battery and charger) for free wireless. The battery is removable for easy recharging. Charge quickly for about 1-1.5 hours. A hedge trimmer can run for about 50-60 minutes on a full charge. Tip: the battery can be applied not just for this weed eater but all 20V garden tools 182seriers .


No Load Speed:1400RPM
Max.Cutting Dia. :450MM

 The Advantage of 182HT1

* Double Lock Protection: Safety protection is the first priority of garden tools, these newest hedge clippers have a double-lock design to protect you and when using the tool; Only when both of the lock are pressed then the bush trimmer will start working; Also, its blade guard can prevent the splashing of branches, makes it safer when it’s operating
* Durable Battery & Motor: The bush trimmer electric has a 20V 2.0Ah battery and an upgraded motors which can run up to 1400 rpm. This battery-operated hedge trimmer will greatly increase your efficiency; The Battery can be fully charged within 1-2hours and all SnapFresh product can use same battery to operate
* Ergonomic Design& lightweight: This hedge trimmer is compact and lightweight , can be easily lifted by one hand; it is also very convenient to assemble; just need 6 screws; plus, its ergonomic handle can can effectively prevent you from slipping
* Multiple Using methods: the outdoor hedge trimmer equipped with dual-action blades actives the trimming possibility into the higher level; you can use it to trim everywhere of your yard with all the strong power; its dual-action blades also help you trim from each angle
* Dual-Action Blade: With durable metal, this cordless electric hedge trimmer is much easier to use, improving your user experience like never before;

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