950W Electric Mixer High quality Electric portable cement paint mixer

Item Number: MIX0395

Product Detail


* Overload protaction: Mixer will be auto-stop when it is overload
* Constant speed control: Mixer will keep in powerful condition after long-time work condition
* Soft start+switch lock: Mixer will start from slow to fast,prevent uncontrolled spraying of the mixture material
* Synchronization assembled in the motor:Easily change gear on working condtion, the motor could be work longer
* Variable speed control-6 positions
* Dual speed and change gear selector setch smoothly
* Change carbon brush easily
* Removing mixer easily
* Handle: Ergonomic designed bow handle with thumb nail-dial -in,Easy to handle
* Suitable Materials: plaster, Cement/ Mortar Tile Adhesive,


Rated Power:1250W/1400W/1600W
No Load Speed:350-700RPM
Dia. Of Mixing Bar:120MM/140MM/160MM

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